Easy to use - quick result

Gietech has setup several calculation programs for the foundry industry. They are Excel-sheet format and give a quick and good result.

If you are interested, send me your data and I will use the program involved and send you the result (1 time free of charge). You can buy the program or let me use it for you case per case (adapted to your application). If you want more information, contact us. Contact us

Pouring system for sand moulding, vertical and horizontal split line

It is possible to calculate a pressurised, non-pressurised and mixed pressurised/non-pressurised pouring system. This includes the pouring box, sprue, runner and ingates as well as control of the venting. It can be used for ferrous as well as non-ferrous gravity castings. 

Riser calculation gray and ductile iron

This program enables you to calculate potential shrinkage as well as modulus of the risers. The control of riser volume and feeding length can be added.

Melting charge calculation ferrous materials

The program calculate the melting result for induction furnaces, rotary furnace and cupola for ferrous metals. 

Temperature effect of adding cold material to ladle

Simple program to calculate the temperature drop due to adding cold metal in furnace or ladle.

Principle and calculation of CCT-diagram features

Program that calculates the Ac3- and Ms-temperature for iron and steel and gives the indication of cooling rates in air, oil and water (depending on section).

Calculation of LOI for chemical bounded sand

Program that predicts the LOI of reclaimed sand on the base of product addition, new sand addition and sand to metal ratio.

Calculation of cooling modulus

          Program for calculating the cooling modulus of simple and complex castings. Interesting if you have no simulation program. 

Calculation of welding preheat temperature for carbon & low alloyed steel

Easy to handle formula for casting repair.

Density calculation for iron & steel

Calculates the density depending on the chemistry