February 2003

Let me introduce myself on behalf of Mr. Staf Henderieckx.

I, Raymond M. Gannon, My Current Earned Title of Expert Sand Castings

Processes, Global Supply Chain Polar Operations General Electric Company.

I handle the entire world for GE regarding Sand Castings GEPS, GETrans, GEAE and have worked with Staf for the past 6 years. I consider Staf my mentor regarding Sand Casting Technology old and new, when I'm in need of technical support and to review a sand casting issue I go to Staf for the answers.

If you need further information on Mr. Staf Henderieckx ability and expertise I'd be more than happy to support your request at any time.

GEPS All Locations- Expert Sand Casting Processes / Technical Consulting Sand Castings Processes all GEPS Loc. / General Electric Company


March 2012


This is an overdue thank-you note. Thanks for arranging and making an exceptional training opportunity available to us. The presenter, Staf Henderieckx, did an excellent job. We did have benefit of a quality training offering. Staf did a great job. The group will continue to meet and learn from peer members on an ongoing basis. What is the possibility of bringing the trainer back to Cape Town for a follow up session? It would be even better if we could organise the follow-up session back to back with a second Process Control course.

Best regards
Adrian, South Africa


Productivity: before 35 cluth in a shift; now 100 or 186 % improvement

Manpower: before 50; now 38 or 24 % improvement

Rework: before 6,5 %, now 2,5 % or 61 % improvement

Rejection: before 1,10 %, now 0,81 % or 26 % improvement


In 2011: 146 trainees in Pakistan and India

In 2012: 178 trainees in South Africa, India and Bolivia

In 2013 128 trainees in Colombia, Vietnam, Pakistan and Phillippines

In 2014 108 trainees in Colombia, Belgium and Phillippines

LAVCO did participate on Problem Solving (2014) as well the Process Control (2013 to 2015) training.

The main results are amazing for us.

With the problem solving method, we could decrease the rejection by 20 % (and is still decreasing) and the delivery score increased to 99 % in time (due to process Control and better and quicker solving of problems).

The output increased by 20 % (same labour cost) and the lead time decreased by 60 % as well as the WIP (Work In Progress) by 30 %.

The company has now production and management score boards, decreasing non-value adding activity program and the target – result reality is a major discussion item between our staff and employees.

We had never expected that these results were possible and… they are still improving.

LAVCO is a liner (engines, compressors...) delivering company in Colombia (foundry and machine shop); exporting to South America and USA.

More info is available by contacting and


June 16, 2016

Hamad Ameer Qadri

Director Operations at Qadri Group of Companies

Concerning NC-system Gietech BV

Qadbros foundry, after applying the Gietech NC-files, evaluate the file for “incorrect cold hardenability” (12 % Mn-steel) as very valuable. The checklist with potential root causes and influences enabled us to check quickly the factors involved, in our foundry, and the potential solution was easily applicable. Our engineers are very pleased with the clear and complete explanation of the non-conformity.

November 2014

Hallo Staf,
Er is wel het een en ander blijven hangen van wat er gezegd is op de training.
Het toestel om de afkoelcurves te registreren is aangekocht. Dat is pas een week in gebruik, geloof ik.
Ik ben er zeker van dat de opleiding voor een andere kijk op bepaalde zaken heeft gezorgd. Dat men daarmee de manier van werken bij problemen zomaar heeft over genomen, wil ik niet beweren. Maar men weet dat er nu andere manieren zijn voor het aanpakken van aanslepende problemen.
Ook door andere projecten worden er wijzigingen in de manier van werken aangeraden. Dus ik ben er zeker van dat we op het goede spoor zitten. Al gaat dat niet altijd van een leien dakje.
Bedankt alleszins nog eens voor de duw in die goede richting!
En als het ooit nog past en nuttig is, hoor je zeker nog van ons.
Met vriendelijke groeten,
Belgian foundry


August 2015

Hello Staf, first thanks for your time, and teach us your experience.

Again thanks,


Corona – Colceramica - Colombia (Large group delivering ceramic products; having a gravity die casting foundry)

August 2015

Dear Mr.Staf Henderieckx,

Trust this finds you & family in good health.

I very appreciate your enthusiasm and great yeoman service to the foundry. I understand that your Website will be revised. I have very much benefitted from

your previous website and the numerous articles on the foundry. It will be my pleasure to continue to be associate with you ,the website and the organization and learn much more from a great teacher.

With regards,

Rajeevan India (Famous Foundry consultant in South India)