Cost calculation of castings
This book is a manual for calculating the total cost of a casting. 
For each aspect, the detailed cost components are described: preliminary cost, production cost, post-production cost, inspection cost, logistic cost, deviation cost, administration & financial & overhead cost as well as the technical service cost. 
Another classifying of the cost is described: variable and fixed cost, material and conversion cost, oneoff and part cost. 
In the Annex part of the book, interesting subjects are covered as are Quality cost, Evaluation form, Foreign sourcing, Factors that control casting tolerances, Checklist for purchasing in foreign countries and strategy for outsourcing. 
It is a must for foundry top management, financial and commercial department manager. 
It is very interesting for the designing, engineering and the purchasing department of the users of castings.  PDF-format / 108 pages / 0,6 Mb
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Selling process
This book inventories the selling process in all operations and the influences on the operations. It is a process control approach. 
Some of the aspects are described in detail as are selling knowledge & skill, susceptibility of potential customers, loyalty of existing customers and the base features on which business is done. The preselling activities are described separately (as are marketing campaigns, fair participation, quotations) and rules for the used forms are explained. The first order execution and delivering is very important and a potential customer becomes a customer if a second order is released after having inspected the first order. 
In the attachments, more attention is paid to pricing and fair participation. And a list of interesting websites is shown. 
It is very interesting for top management, financial manager.  It will be a necessary reading for commercial / marketing / sales manager and quality department.
PDF-format / 169 pages / 1 Mb
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