Chunky Graphite in ductile iron

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This non-conformity is one of the most troubling one for thick wall ductile iron castings, although it can also appear in medium sized sections. 
The appearance is described to enable a proper identification. After that, the current different theories that are still not matching will be inventoried. 
A complete chapter is spent for describing the root causes (without them, no chunky graphite) and the influences (increase or decrease the appearance and consequences). 
The testing methods and potential actions are specified with some extra important remarks. 
In the additions, the type of rare earths (one of the root causes) and the sources are inventoried, after which the effect of all common (for ductile iron) elements is mentioned. 
It is a must for foundry engineering and quality department, interesting for melting and production department leaders.
The inspection department of customers can use it for the inspection of the delivered casting. 
It is not a “training” for inspectors.   PDF-format / 100 pages / 21,9 Mb

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