Ductile iron for Use at low temperatures

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Describes the production, testing and requirements of ductile iron, usable at low temperatures (latest revision 2012).  
The book describes the common requirements according to international standards and customers instructions. 
The influences of chemistry, microstructure, free graphite and quality are discussed, each of them on the Charpy V value and the transition temperature. 
The tests concern all the common required tests as are mechanical properties, microstructure and free graphite, section and surface quality, with special tests at low temperature. 
The typical production aspects as well as the non-conformities are inventoried and described. 
Some application casting for the wind turbines are shown. 
In the attachments, special attention is given to Charpy V and tensile tests, the problem of graphite flotation as well as the important temperatures during melting (to achieve a high metal quality). An overview of the standards involved close the book. 
It is very interesting for engineering, sales department and quality department. It is also well suited for technical education. PDF-format / 174 pages / 12 Mb

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