Graphite Flotation in Ductile iron castings

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This book explains the initiation and process that leads to the non-conformity of graphite flotation. The appearance will be described in detail and pictures are shown. 
The next chapter will describe the effects on the volume shrinkage, the riser behaviour and the mechanical properties of the ductile iron. 
All influencing factors are detailed: chemistry, section size, pouring temperature, casting shape, metallurgical metal quality (including inoculation) as well as the Mg- and Bi-content. 
In the last chapters, the common testing is mentioned and rules for avoiding this non-conformity are listed. 
It is very interesting for engineering and quality department. It can also be used by the inspection department of the customer.
It is not a “training” for inspectors.   PDF-format / 50 pages / 7,1 Mb

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