Heat treatment of Iron & Steel

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This book deals with all potential heat treatments, applicable for iron and steel. It is very interesting for engineering, sales department and quality department as it also inventories all potential treatments. It is not a “training” for heat treatment engineers but can act as a refresher. It is also well suited for technical education. 
The heat treatment process is considered in detail (as process) as well as the common equipment. Than the different applicable heat treatments (also surface treatments) are described in detail.
In another chapter, the potential non-conformities are inventoried.
The energy consumption is given according to the material and energy efficiency of the treatment equipment. 
The second part of the book deals with the heat treatment instructions, testing and certification as well as how to perform an audit. 
In the attachment, several subjects are described more in detail: temperature units and colour identification, FeC- and TTT-diagrams, the Jominy end quench test, the grain growth in steel and the safety precaution for performing heat treatment.   PDF-format / 334 pages / 45,5 Mb

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