Melting of ductile iron

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This book is written for performing the “best” melting of ductile iron. 
The energy consumption is evaluated compared to the theoretical required energy and the influences of the melting instruction and equipment. It close with a best practice summary. 
During melting, a lot of chemical reactions are happening. Some of them are negative, others can be used for improving the result. The melting loss can be controlled. It close with a best practice summary. 
The factors, during melting, that influence the free graphite in shape and type, that can degenerate the free graphite, are extensively discussed. 
The next chapter inventories the best practice recommendations and rules. The best melting procedure and instructions are indicated. The book will close with a summary of formula that can be applied during the complete melting process. 
It is a must for engineering, melting and other production leaders and quality department. It also gives suggestions for saving energy and having less waste. 
It is also well suited for first technical foundry related education.  
If the Solidification of ductile iron, together with Metallurgy of Ductile iron and this one is ordered, than the price for all three together (excluded VAT if applicable) is 350 EURO   PDF-format / 124 pages / 16,2 Mb

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