Metallurgy of Ductile Iron

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Describes the metallurgy of ductile iron in a very practical and easy to understand language for production leaders (especially melting department) engineers and quality department employees. 
The free graphite is described first, with all common features as are shape, nodularity, size and nodule count. Also the presence of carbides is discussed. Than the potential structures are described and analyzed. 
The influence of the chemistry is inventoried and split according to commonly used, spheroidizing and alloying elements. The subversive elements and gases are discussed separately. 
The metallurgical treatments, required and or preferred to get the proper ductile iron, are described: pretreatment in furnace, desulfurizing, nodulising and inoculation. 
The non-conformities are split into free graphite shape, amount and degenerated types. Than the structure non-conformities are described. 
In the attachments, attention is paid on the influence of the melting procedure and the nuclei. 
It is very interesting book for engineering, melting and other production leaders as well as quality department. It is also well suited for first technical foundry related education. PDF-format / 188 pages / 15,3 Mb  
If the Solidification of ductile iron, together with this one is ordered, than the price for both together (excluded VAT if applicable) is 250 EURO.

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