NDT (Non-Destructive-Testing) testing

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Overview of all potential NDT testing methods for iron and steel castings. 
This book describes all the NDT-tests used in the production and evaluation of castings. The common types (VT, PT, MT, RT) are discussed besides the less common as are ECT, AET, RAM, Residual stress and leak testing. 
The evaluation of the test results (levels) is inventoried and the requirements for the operator are mentioned. There is also a chapter about the selection of the best suited testing method depending on the casting and requirements of the customer. 
An inventory of all standards (EN, ASTM and ISO) are completing the book. 
It is very interesting for readers that are non-specialists in NDT-testing, but regularly involved as are engineering, sales department and quality department (inventories applicable standards). 
It is not a “training” for inspectors but an interesting guidance for non-NDT-operators. PDF-format / 236 pages / 26,1 Mb

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