Process Engineering for foundries

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This book describes the activities to be performed by the engineering department of every foundry. It is many times forgotten that besides the design of new casting process, they also are responsible for solving problems during the production and they have to increase continuously the efficiency. The link of process engineering with quality department is important and explained in detail. It starts with the investigation of the new castings and their fit with the actual foundry capabilities (which is many times not done). The conventional engineering, being designing of pouring system, risers and chills, is described in combination with the pattern setup. The value of the simulation is considered. The instruction design for all operations and their required content are inventoried for all operations. Emphasis is set on the chapter “Trouble shooting” and the necessity for Process Control.It is important for the engineering department and can be interesting for all production department leaders. Pdf - 45 pages - 3,1 Mb

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