Solidification of Ductile iron

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Describes the solidification of ductile iron in an easy to understand language for engineers and quality department employees. 
The free graphite, concerning formation and evaluation is described first, after which the austenite structure is analyzed.
Than the different types of solidification and dependency on the wall thickness is discussed with extra attention to the last solidifying area. 
The influence of the solidification on mechanical properties of the metal and the porosity in the casting are mentioned as well as the all testing involved, during the production and on the casting. The overview of the non-conformities close the book. 
In the attachments, special attention is given to the effect and behaviour of all elements involved in ductile iron. 
It is very interesting for engineering, production leaders and quality department. It is also well suited for technical education. PDF-format / 189 pages / 40,7 Mb 
If the Metallurgy of ductile iron, together with this one is ordered, than the price for both together (excluded VAT if applicable) is 250 EURO

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