Testing of Castings

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Overview of all potential testing methods, more detailed for iron and steel castings. 
The start-up of the production (process controlled) and the required test objects, type of testing, re-testing and certifying is described in the first chapter. 
The different fields of testing are described with the preferred test methods. This fields are chemistry, microstructure (including carbides and free graphite), mechanical properties, surface and section quality as well as dimensions and surface roughness. The other physical properties and particular requirements concerning weldability, leakage and corrosion resistant are described separately. 
It is a “must have” for foundry engineering, sales department and quality department as well as for the designers and engineering of companies that use castings (inventories applicable standards). 
It is not a “training” for inspectors.  PDF-format / 283 pages / 23,5 Mb

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